Monday, September 5, 2011

Primary work

Since the early to mid '90's my primary work had been watercolor rice paper collages. I paint between each layer of paper, resulting in rich layers and variation of same. They are usually non-representational and represent an inner, intuitive, non-verbal part deep inside me. A few examples are above.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

another blog?

This is officially my fourth blog; I started with'liveinthelayers' on WLS (now uploaded on wordpress). I have 'The Examined Life', which while helpful in some ways, failed to capture the joy of my life. Of course, there is HRH's blog, which is pure fun....isn't that the usual way with alternate worlds?

Blogger opened several new virtual worlds to me, including the many catblogs and blogs by artists; I only wish I could find more with openly Jewish content. So why this one?

Because I'm finally getting brave enough to share more of my artwork than my photography. Because I want to be out in the world more that way. Because my artwork is probably the purest expression of my contact with G!d. Sometimes, as in my watercolor/rice paper collages, my work expresses internal process and contact. Other times, as in my photography, I'm reflecting the glory of G!d's world; in Judaism, the clearest and most obvious proof of G!d's existence. Some work straddles both experiences.

I've never written an artist's statement before; will probably amend or addend to it in the time to come.

The first work I will feature here will also be submitted to 'The Prayer Flag Project'. My camera's batteries are dead, so I will have to wait until I replace those before going any further today.